Summary Report on the 19th Mainland-Taiwan Environmental Protection Conference (MTEPC)

Prepared by
Dr. Kuo-Kuang Hsu, CIE/USA National Council Chair 1997
Independent Consultant

The 19th Mainland-Taiwan Environmental Protection Conference (MTEPC) was held from May 17 to 21, 2019 in Tianjin (天津). Two hundred and eighty-five Chinese environmental scientists, engineers and graduate students from Mainland, Taiwan, and Overseas attended the conference. A total of 176 technical papers were presented in eight concurrent technical sessions, including 38 technical papers presented by graduate students working on their master or doctoral degrees. All of the technical papers were edited and published by the conference organizing committee in conference proceedings (digitized in a USB card). In addition, there were 32 posters of research studies by graduate students displayed during the Conference.

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