The 1st Micro-Movie Competition (MMC) on Rising Environmental Issues among our Society

1. Introduction
Environmental pollution is a critical problem of the new century, which have serious affected the quality of our air, water, soil, and ecosystem. Solution of this problem relies both on our constant efforts, as well as the public awareness of environmental issues and treatment technologies. To capture the publics’ attention, this event aims to carry out a competition of short videos on a social media platform to encourage our next generation in discovery and participation of the area.

The goal of establishing the social media platform is to motivate our junior members, under the guidance of OCEESA members to observe, to record and to share, which can reinforce their understanding on what have been learned. A well-known example of recording and sharing systems among the community is the mini-films or “Micro-Movie (微電影)” on YouTube. The films are documentaries developed to convey the essential message to the audiences. In 2018, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University also launched a “Micro-Movie” competition for university students. The competition successfully proved the students an easy tool to present and share their awareness/learning outcomes of all-around environmental subjects. To promote the environmental education to the general public, incorporating new trend media is a vivid yet useful way to instill important messages and ideas.

2. Objectives
a. To remind the students that environmental issues are not only limited to lecture settings. They can also be applied in their daily, via recordings with their personal experiences. It could reinforce the understanding of the environmental problems in their mind.
b. For the students to learn and handle new skills during the production of micro-movie and build up the learning and promoting platform;
c. Through the Micro-movie production, students would apply what they learned during lecture or laboratory section and turn those knowledge and theories into a practice.

3. Team formation
High school or university students (no number limit) + 1 mentor (must be OCEESA member)

4. Organizers
Pre-screening: Shao-Yuan (Ben) Leu
Judges: OCEESA directors

5. About the Micro-Movie
a. The length of the Micro-Movie is 10 minutes and the size of the work should be within 50-100 MG, in the formats of AVI, MP4, MPG.
b. Online platform: Follow YouTube general guideline on filmed contents and copyright regulations, and the submitted films will be reviewed by the organizer before published. The used music needs to be with references or from the provided library.
c. Reference and copyright: Meanwhile, OCEESA places very high importance on honesty in academic work submitted by students and adopts a policy of zero tolerance on academic dishonesty. The micro-movie needs to be made by the participating team and not wholly or partially from other video producers. Images, music, and figures needs to be properly cited with list of references (if any).

6. Prize and Award
a. One Champion
b. Two First Runner-Up
c. Three Second Runner-Up
d. Top Five Most Popular Work

7. Competition Application and Submission Date

(Details to come)

for further information, please click the link below: OCEESA Video Competition