Environmental pollution is a critical issue affecting the quality of our air, water, soil, and ecosystem. The solution to this problem relies on public awareness of the related issues and technologies. The goal of this “Micro-Movie (微電影)” competition is to have our junior members to observe, record, and share their understandings, in a way of new generation media. Interested groups will produce short films and present their ideas on the OCEESA platform for public education. Awards will be offered to the most popular/meaningful works based on the following guidelines:


  1. Targeted participants and Form of Team
  • High school, undergraduate, and post-graduate students;
  • Must be as a team in form of [Students + one mentor]; of which the mentor will be offered an OCEESA regular membership free for one year;
  1. Guideline and format of the Micro-Movie
  • Content of the Micro-Movie can cover any disciplines related to environmental science and engineering;
  • Maximum length of Micro-Movie is 10 minutes; the file shall be in the form of AVI, MP4, or MPG and preferably within 100 MB in size;
  • Reference and copyrights of other works must be shown in the work;
  1. Application & Important date
  • The application via the google form is available here;
  • The deadline for the work submitted will be February 14, 2021, and the competition result will be announced by March 30, 2021;
  1. Judgment and Awards
  • All the team members will receive official certificates for participation;
  • Judgment by OCEESA community and YouTube “Views”, and “Like” from the public; the scoring ratio of OCEESA community to YouTube results is 6:4;
  • The participant teams can also use the voting system as peer review to decide on the most popular works;
  • Awards


Ranking of the Winners Awards
Champion $1,000 USD and Certificate
First Runner-Up (up to two) $200 USD and Certificate
Second Runner-Up (up to three) $100 USD and Certificate
Most Popular Work (up to four) $50 USD and Certificate


Please feel free to contact for any question!!


Click here to download this instruction and poster.