Date Posted – October 2020


The Green Energy Research Group ( in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) is seeking for 1 Postdoctoral Fellows and 1 Research Assistant to support our research project “Investigation and Demonstration to Convert Camellia Oleifera Shell Biomass into Functional Bio-Composites”. The research works include (not limit to) “decoding” lignocellulosic cell wall structure with advanced technique (NMR, GC/MS) for pretreatment; developing innovative approach to manufacture natural fiber enhanced bio-composites; synthesizing valuable chemicals from biomass extractives. More details of the position duties follow:


B.S./M.S. Graduates in Environmental, Chemistry, and Biology programs are both welcome to apply for the position. The main duty includes supporting the experimental and field works, data analysis, and other related works upon the supervision of the research staff. High priority will be offered to applicants who are interested in applying for Ph.D. in PolyU.


Ph.D. graduate in Material Science, Forestry, Environmental Science, or Chemical Engineering are welcome to submit your application. Our positions are highly completive among international standards. PolyU CEE ( ranked #17 in the world (2019/20 QS) and we have recently obtained a few sophisticated analytical tools to support the related research, including a 3rd Generation DNA Sequencer and a 500 MHz solid-/liquid-state NMR etc.



Interested candidates should apply for the position by sending your Curriculum Vitae to Dr. Ben S.-Y. Leu via Dr. Leu obtained his B.S./M.S. Degrees from Forest Science of National Taiwan University and Ph.D. from Civil Engineering at UCLA. His Ph.D. was on dynamic simulation of biological kinetics based on in-situ O2/CO2 analysis. He was licensed as California Professional Engineer and lectured at UC-Riverside (2011). He worked as a Postdoctoral Fellow in the USDA Forest Products Laboratory, Madison, WI, where he developed innovative biorefinery techniques to convert lignocellulosic biomass into biofuels and valuable chemicals. At PolyU, Dr. Leu has secured more than HK$14 million external research grants and published 59 peer-reviewed journal papers in bioprocess and biorefinery area. For more details please refer to


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