2020 OCEESA President Message

Dear OCEESA members:
This message comes somewhat later than previous years, but I intend to use the opportunity
to wish all OCEESA members and their families a happy, healthy and prosperous New
I would like to congratulate Dr. Ning-Wu Chang, 2019 OCEESA President, for his excellent
leadership, culminating to a successful year for our Association during his presidency.
Under his leadership, OCEESA successfully completed the 19 th MTEPC in Tianjin in May
17-22, 2019 and has upgraded the OCEESA web site (http://oceesa.org/), which now has
more capabilities and is compatible with mobile device viewing. Dr. Chang’s dedication and
contribution has led our Association toward a stronger and more vibrant organization that
we will all benefit from for the years to come. Dr. Chang has agreed to continue to lead the
committee of the 2021 AAEOY event tasks.
My heartfelt congratulations to the newly elected officers and board members. Our
executive committee and the board this year have diversified expertise. Moreover, several
relatively new, enthusiastic members of OCEESA will mingle with the veterans. We believe
that this balanced team will lead to fresh ideas that will produce lasting impacts for
Looking ahead, we have the following activities planned for this year, and I strongly
encourage each member to participate and support these events to the fullest extent you are
able to:
 We plan to celebrate OCEESA’s 40 th anniversary in 2020 (OCESSA was established
in 1980) along with the 20 th MTEPC event. Dr. Chang is working with Taipei
University of Technology to initiate the planning activities. We hope that everyone
can participate in this upcoming event and celebrate OCEESA’s 40 th anniversary. It
most likely will be in October/November of 2020.
 The 28 th METS (Modern Engineering Technology Seminar) event will be held in
Taipei between October 25 and 28, 2020, including four major topics (AI
manufacturing, Finance, Medical and Transportation). Call for abstract for this
meeting will be sent very soon.

 The 2020 AAEOY will be from 5/1-2 at the Santa Clara Convention Center and the
current event information is on their website: http://2020.aaeoy.org/index.php.
 OCEESA and CIE-SoCal will co-host the 2021 AAEOY in the Los Angeles area.
Dr. Ning-Wu Chang is the co-chair for this event. We do need volunteers to support
this event.
I will devote my leadership to showcase OCEESA and its capabilities in addressing
significant environmental issues in both mainland China and Taiwan. OCEESA has many
experienced environmental engineers, scientist, planners and professors. These members are
highly regarded treasures for OCEESA and for mainland China and Taiwan. As OCEESA
President, I will work hard and promote our resources and their expertise in solving
environmental problems facing mainland China and Taiwan through workshops and

Best Regards,

Wei-Ping Pan
2020 OCEESA President

Sumpter Professor Emeritus of Chemistry
Western Kentucky University
Phone: (270) 792-3776
E-mail: wei-ping.pan@wku.edu