Dear OCEESA Members:
Happy Chinese New Year and Lantern Festival!  As the OCEESA 2019 President, I like to take this opportunity to report OCEESA’s 2019 activities and also look for your continuous support for the upcoming activities.

2019 Activities:

1.       During CIE-NC (Chinese Institute of Engineer – National Council) Fall Meeting on 10/14/18, OCEESA was on rotation to plan the 2019 Spring Meeting.  OCEESA joined CIE-SFB Chapter to co-host the CIE-NC Spring Meeting on 2/14/19, the day after CIE-SFB 40th anniversary event on 2/23/19.

2.       OCEESA members – Ning-Wu Chang (张宁武), Jason Wen(温俊山), Anmin Liu(劉安民), John C P Huang(黄肇镳), and George Tsung-Chu Chien (钱宗驹)(representing OCEESA), and Yung-Sung Cheng (郑永松)(representing CIE-NM) attended CIE-NC 2019 Spring Meeting on 2/24/19 in Santa Clara, CA.  By rotation, OCCESA and CIE-SoCal are scheduled to co-host the 2021 AAEOY (Asian American Engineer of the Year) event.  It was agreed to have CIE-SoCal taking the lead for the 2021 event this time. The 2021 AAEOY proposal to have the event co-hosted by OCEESA and CIE-SoCal in the Los Angeles area was well received and approved by the CIE-NC.

3.       The 19th MTEPC (Mainland-Taiwan Environmental Protection Conference) was Held from May 17 – 22, 2019, in Tianjin (天津), China.  OCEESA members – Qin Qian (), Pao-Chiang Yuan  (袁保強), Kaimin Shih (施凱閔), and Kuo-Kuang Hsu (許國光) attended this successful and most attended event.  The MTEPC Consultative Committee meeting held on May18, 2019, during this conference, selected Taipei University of Technology (臺北科技大學, abbreviated as北科大), assisted by Tianjin University (天津大學), to host the 20th MTEPC in Taipei in late 2020.  A full report on this event has been distributed.

4.       OCEESA members – Ning-Wu Chang, Jason Wen, and Yung-Sung Cheng attended CIE-NC 2019 Fall Meeting on 8/18/19 in Dallas, TX, following the 2019 AAEOY event hosted by CIE-Dallas on August 16-17, 2019.  To be ready for the upcoming 2021 AAEOY event, members from OCEESA and CIE-SoCal exchanged information during this event with other CIE chapters.

5.       We have upgraded the OCEESA web site ( the new web site was launched in December 2019.  The new web site has more capabilities and is now compatible with mobile device viewing.  The new web site also allows member to update their information and pay their membership due or donation on-line.  With the upgraded web site, we hope to expand our social media capability (OCEESA has a Face Book page OCEESA Overseas Chinese Environmental Engineers and Scientists Association and WeChat group already), and to have better communication with members and future activities, such as podcasting, as well as to recruit new members. Ultimately, we hope this web site upgrade would improve OCEESA sustainability and succession issues.  At the meantime, please use these new features on the web site to update your information as appropriate with the link Membership Application – Overseas Chinese Environmental Engineers & Scientists Association.

Other Activities:

1.       To co-host the 2021 AAEOY, Ning-Wu Chang from OCEESA and Chuching Wang(王竹青)from CIE-SoCal will be the co-chairs of the CIE event committee.  The preparation work for the 2021 AAEOY already began in 2019.  Ning-Wu Chang, Jason Wen, and Anmin Liu from OCEESA attended various meetings with CIE-SoCal on 1/13/19, 2/17/19, and 11/24/19 to coordinate the 2021 AAEOY event tasks. We do need volunteers to support the event.  Please let us know if you would like to help.

2.       We plan to celebrate OCEESA’s 40th anniversary in 2020 (OCEESA established in 1980) along with the 20th MTEPC event in Taipei.  Ning-Wu Chang from OCEESA met with the representative from Taipei University of Technology in Taipei in October 2019 to initiate the planning activities.  Based on the discussion, the event date will be further coordinated between the 20th MTEPC and CIE’s 28th METS (Modern Engineering and Technology Seminar) to be held in Taiwan in 2020.  We hope you all can participate this upcoming event and celebrate OCEESA’s 40th anniversary.  We will let you know once the event date is selected, most likely in October/November of 2020.

3.       We also like to improve our future social media communication and implement the podcasting activity.  We certainly like to have your supports and participation on the activities in the future.

We always welcome inputs and volunteers to help OCEESA activities.  Please let us know if you like to get involved in these activities.

Thank you for your supports in 2019.

Ning-Wu Chang

OCEESA 2019 President

February 5, 2020